Fashion: clothes made from recycled products

Being fashionable is what most people are after and the earned & saved cash is usually dedicated to the latest trends.

As fashion changes (too fast) each season, there is a regular wardrobe update. Not everyone is a fashion victim…but with all television adverts and celebrities in magazines and on Instagram…there is a kind of subliminal message that some individuals are hypnotized with.

Trendy movements can take various shapes: selfies on social media and currently the ice bucket challenge.

But when it is time for London Fashion Week (LFW) there is a real buzz for all the fans of new colours and shapes.

Some designers such as Maison Martin Margiela (MMM) usually go for a shade of white…very minimalistic. Recently some extra colours came through. The range of fragrances are still second-to-none.

The interesting thing being that a lot of garments are made of recycled plastic bottles. Sometimes it is not even mentioned on the label…as if it is a thing people don’t want to know. Or is it too degrading for the clothes’ manufacturers? They should be proud of it as they are saving the planet of ongoing pollution especially in our oceans.

There is Dgrade too - which is a specialist in this field.


Take a look at the About Us page HERE.

Some pieces of furniture are also made of sustainable materials from recycle waste. Detailed article from The Guardian HERE.

For people living along the southwest of the UK, it is important that waste and recycle schemes are under control. There are already too many plastic bags and waste material damaging fauna and flora.

A few companies are experts in collecting and processing unwanted items. Clothes can be recycled too in order to give them a second life.

When moving house it is sometimes essential to go through this rather boring task, but it will help in the long term for the future move. It is possible to hire a skip in Devon for your own home or business and things get way easier than going back and forth to the recycle centre.

Whatever the kind of clothes you are buying, there is the other side which means making some spaces in the wardrobe for the “new collection”. But when stepping back and looking at what fashion is: it is nothing more than a uniform embraced by the masses. No one is neither different nor an individual: it is called marketing.

What about disregarding the real High Street shop windows and following your instinct and taste instead of wearing the same items as your close friends?!!


Make your own style and forget what others will say…they could even be jealous of your independent attitude…